In the ever expanding Home Network environment, end users have a much  larger requirement for more wireless coverage of larger properties to accommodate Wi-Fi devices, more advanced networking features to control home automated products and the ability to wirelessly connect unreachable areas of the property.

Everyone wants Wi-Fi connectivity around their home. Whether you are walking between rooms or to the bottom of your garden, everyone wants to access emails, stream music and access many other wireless functions from all around their home.

Ubiquiti Unifi Network products can provide a stable network ensuring products wired, or wireless have a better connection around the home, allowing end users to roam around their home whilst being able to stream video and music services, browse the internet and even control home automated products such as lighting & blinds, heating and ventilation, multi room audio and video products.

At in2Thefuture in Norwich, Norfolk, we can design and install fully wired and wireless networks for your project. Ubiquiti Networking product range, can be located in remote places around the home, such as in cupboards or above ceilings so that no equipment is seen. However, these products can also be installed on the ceiling or on a wall if access is limited. The Ubiquiti products are designed to aesthetically disappear into the ceiling or wall, delivering a pleasing finished result.

In addition to your Ubiquiti Network design and installation, In2TheFuture offer a service to oversee your network and manage the maintenance of all Ubiquiti access points through a remotely controlled server. This allows us to assist you if your internal network experiences problems. If any issues occur these can be resolved remotely, quickly and efficiently.  By simply adding a Unifi Cloud Key to your system and installing the software on your PC or Laptop. This allows you to remotely monitor your internet performance and reboot individual access points whenever required.