Rako Wireless System

Rako’s wireless system provides all the benefits of a sophisticated lighting control system without the need to re-wire and can be used in both new and retro-fit installations. The wireless capability provides the most cost effective and simple to install solution saving on cabling and re-decoration.

Wireless systems can use either individual modules or Rako’s RAK system with the RxLink wireless interface.

Modules wire in-line with each lighting circuit and can be mounted either in the ceiling or in a central cupboard. Split lighting into circuits to allow independent control and provide the ability to highlight different areas and features within a room. Wall-plates can be flush mounted into a standard back-box or can be surface mounted, requiring no cabling at all as they communicate wirelessly with the receiver modules.

Modules are available to suit all types of load from incandescent, low voltage and fluorescent to the latest generation of LEDs. Systems can be as small as one circuit and one wall-plate up to whole home installations with master house controllers and full system integration. Signal repeaters make wireless practical for the largest of projects.

Simple connection of the Rako Bridge to a wireless router provides programming access via Wi-Fi and allows control from Rako’s iPhone, iPad and Android Apps, giving access to both scene and individual channel control.