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Lighting Control


The installation of lighting control within any project large or small immediately allows for moods or scenes to be set to enhance the environment whether for entertaining, reading or a special dinner party. With timed events we can help you too raise and lower lighting scenes over a pro longed period to ease the transition from one scene to another.

From single room solutions to whole house control we can specify, install and commission a system suitable for your property. Whether a Penthouse Apartment, Barn Conversion or Large Country Residence the control of lighting is essential to create the maximum effect from you lighting design.

We work with you and your interior/lighting designer to achieve the effect you desire. It is possible to transform a room from a bright striking scene to welcome guests, to a relaxed dinner scene to set the mood for the evening at the touch of a button without the need to adjust each dimmer in turn. We can pre-set your favourite scenes and you will be ready to go. If the rooms’ use changes over time, we can simply reprogram the lighting scenes accordingly.

There is a lighting solution for almost all properties and lighting types, please contact us to discuss you requirements.

If you are in the early stages and are unsure of the types of light fittings available or are not quite sure of how to get the greatest impact from lighting your project, we work closely with a lighting design company, Norwich Architectural Lighting Company. Together with Norwich Architectural Lighting we have a fantastic showroom where you can see RAKO in action alongside many beautiful light fittings.

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