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Audio & Cinema


In the age where technology is ever advancing and your spare time becomes more precious what better way of spending a hour or two than watching your favourite movie in your own bespoke cinema. Whether using a 65” TV Screen or the latest D-ILA Projector we can design a cinema to meet your needs. From “themed” Cinemas to “dual purpose” rooms where everything is hidden, discrete ceiling speakers or elegant floor standing speakers, anything is possible. If you wish to use a formal room we can conceal the TV into electric lifts or drop the projector and screen from the ceiling. Either on your own or with friends watching the latest Blockbuster will never seem the same again.

Whether you have a spare room to transform or even an underground “bolt hole” to watch your favourite movies we can help to bring your ideas to life. With a wide range of experience and solutions we can design a cinema to meet your budget or “wish list”.

With a new age of TVs coming to market we will make sure that your installation is fully compatible to experiencing everything the latest internet ready TVs have to offer. Stream the latest episode of your favourite box set using iPlayer or make a Skype call with a loved one abroad, we will explain the system and make sure you are fully comfortable with it.

As gaming becomes ever more popular with adults and children alike, we design the Cinema around the whole family. From online warfare to 10 pin Bowling, each experience is “great fun” Plasma, LED or Projector Screen everyone can be catered for.

“The Ultimate Experience”, as you enter your cinema, imagine the lights slowly raise to illuminate the tiered seating, press the touch screen start button from your electric reclining chair, with a “whirr” the curtains open to reveal the projection screen. Choose your favourite DVD from your on-screen display and the rest is child’s play, within minutes you are fully immersed into the film with Dolby Digital HD surround. All you need to do is supply the popcorn, you never know, we can probably help with that too!

If any ideas above appeal to you please don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat.

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