PROJECT: RAKO Lighting Control System


  • To Create a Simple Lighting Control System where any member of the Congregation, can easily press a button and create a Pre programmed Lighting Scene to Suit the Event or Time of Day
  • For Different Circuits of Lighting to have the ability to be changed at a later date into smaller or larger groups to accommodate changes and updates to the church
  • For a single user to have access to a control App in order to adjust lighting levels of scenes.
  • For a single user to have access to a control App in order to adjust lighting levels of scenes.
Design & Planning:

The system was agreed and we went to work on the wiring schematics and room layouts.


In the meantime the excavation work had started and the room was taking shape. We ordered in the projector screen and drop ready for 1st fix and arranged to meet on site to hand over the cables and explain the wiring plans.

The room was built and we arranged to install our screen housing and drop into their final positions before the ceiling guys completed their work.

Liaise with the architect regarding the equipment sizes for the cabinets and shelves. Cabinet is made, installed and decoration takes place.

Final paint touches and the carpet fitters arrive, the room is now ready for our final installation.

We arrived on site an install the Projector, align and focus. Terminate the remaining cables and install the Surround Amp, Blu Ray DVD & Sky HD into the bespoke cabinet. Finally, we position the speakers, subwoofer, set up & programme the Phillips system remote.

Time to sit back and let the “fun” begin!

Our job is complete…………… well not quite, on our return to Norfolk we produce a instruction sheet ready for return a few weeks later for final audio levels and ISF picture calibration.
The handover………. We press the “cinema button” it all happens, the lights dim the Projector elegantly drops from the ceiling along with the 3m dual format screen. We choose the first film and press play, WOW! “that’s fantastic”.

Equipment Used:

Sim2 Lumix C3X
Future Automation PD2/C3XL Projector Drop
Othello Copernico Dual Format Electric Projection Screen 3m Visual
Denon AVR4310 Surround Reciever
Denon BDP 2010 Bluray Player
KEF XQ40 Floor Standing Front Left & Right Speakers
KEF XQ50B Centre Speaker (Black)
KEF XQ30 Floor Standing Rear Speakers (Black)
B&W ASW610XP Active Subwoofer (Black)
PHILIPS TSU9600 3.7” Touch Screen Remote
PHILIPS RXF9600 RF Receiver Unit
Linksys Wireless Access Point
QED Performance HDMI Cables
QED Silverline Speaker Cable
Denon iPod Dock
Games Console Connection plate for Nintendo or PS3